Primary and affordable international schools in Singapore

Singapore is the most prominent success story in the Asia Pacific region. Belying its tiny size, that island nation has become a global powerhouse acknowledged all over the world. It is hardly surprising then that it sees expats from all over the world come and  work there. The place offers a first world standard of living and an opportunity to grow and prosper. Another thing that appealed to people is the fact that there are plenty of primary schools and affordable international schools in Singapore. Let’s get a lowdown on some of them-


Affordable International schools and Primary schools in Singapore


  1. Global Indian International School

Global Indian International School Singapore is one of the best known international schools in the region providing a holistic education to students from the age of 3 right up to 18. It boasts a fantastic modern campus with every facility needed to help students develop in the best possible manner. Its teachers are among the finest anywhere and the prevalent ethos in the school is a very international one. In terms of its curricula it offers quite a wide range that suits the requirements of its students hailing from nations across the world. These include Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate. GIIS Singapore not only has an excellent academic track record. But its students have a stellar reputation for invariably obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere.


  1.  Middleton International School

Middleton International School Singapore is one of the most sought after international schools. In the region on account of its high standards and reasonable fee. As an International Secondary and Primary school in Singapore, it offers the International Primary Curriculum, International Middle Years Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A-level learning pathway. The school is the winner of the Which School Advisor (Singapore) Best Schools award 2022 on account of its being the best school with fee below $25000.


School is well known for its academic rigor, particularly with regard to it laying great stress on following the UK National curriculum standards and Singapore standard mathematics. There school has three campuses in Singapore- West Coast: Nursery 2 to Grade 5, Upper Bukit Timah: Grade 1 to Grade 5 and Tampines: Nursery 2 to Grade 10.


  1.  One World International School

The One World International School is not only moderately priced in terms of the fees it charges.  It is known for providing very personalized learning in a multicultural environment that is kind and compassionate. The school provides a world class education to students from Early Childhood to. Grade 8 at the school’s fantastic campus  located in Central Singapore. The school happens to be an IB PYP Candidate school that follows an inquiry and plays based curriculum that empowers children to learn by exploring their world. Add to that the fact that they have some of the best teachers anywhere. And you get a true picture of how good the school really is. What’s great about the school is the fact that they have accorded a lot of importance to digital classrooms  deploying technology. And multimedia resources to make lessons very exciting. It is not surprising that One World International School is so popular with the expats.


  1.  Nexus International School

Nexus International School is one of the best known international schools in. Singapore providing an affordable education from the early years to the high school level. The school has a remarkably modern hi tech campus that caters to students of all ages. Early Years, Primary to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) level. 


The school lays equal stress on both academics and extracurricular activities as it believes that learning is. A combination of classroom instruction and practical on the field experiences. The students of the school not only have a great academic record, but also go on to secure admission to some of the best colleges and universities.



Singapore is a great place to receive one’s schooling on account of the fact. That the island nation provides a perfect amalgam of the East and the West. Add to that the fact that it is as modern and cosmopolitan. A place as you could possibly find anywhere and you would have set the stage for a great education indeed.


There are some of the best known affordable international schools in Singapore offering the world’s best curricula, but it is also known to inculcate the traditional Asian values of discipline, hard work and the pursuit of excellence. There is none of the violence and disrespect for teachers and authority. That you find common in the West present in Singapore schools. Then there is also the fact that the use of technology is an article of faith for most Singapore schools. Which helps prepare their students for the digital age in the best possible manner. Going to school in Singapore is indeed a privilege.


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