Some marketing is indeed necessary if you want to make a successful career in music. However, you don’t have to be a marketing genius to achieve great results. There are natural ways to promote your music that puts people in the center of your marketing campaigns. So, in this article, written by EKmixmaster online music mastering, we will examine some non-trivial ways of music promotion.

If You Are Not Crazy About Promotion

It is hard to promote yourself if you don’t even know where to start. Especially, if you are not crazy about promotion. So, the first thing you should do is change your mind set. Think about sharing something you’ve created and are excited about. It is crucial to change your outlook on promotion because it is vital to your career as a musician. You will have to do it all the time if you want to be successful. People need time to know you and to start trusting you. So be prepared for it to take time. Don’t expect quick results. You should put in the work first before you will see any results.

Before Promoting Your Music

Before promoting your music, you should make sure that it is ready to be promoted. What we mean by that is to make sure it sounds like something you could hear on the radio or a streaming service. That means you have to mix and master your songs before release. You can do it yourself, using references and stock plug-ins. However, if you can’t do it properly yourself, you may consider hiring a mixing and mastering engineer.

Now, let’s talk about natural ways to promote your music. First of all, you should interact with your fans. Your conversations shouldn’t be one-sided when you only post something and never answer the comments. To build a loyal and lasting fanbase, you should be aware of what your fans want to see. Ask them what covers they want to hear from you and give them what they want.

It Is A Win-Win Situation

Collaborate with local businesses and other artists. It is a win-win situation. You can choose a cafe or bookshop that you already love, leave them a playlist of your songs, and ask your audience to visit this cafe if they want to hear some of your songs. You can also collaborate with other artists. If you come up with a cool song, both of you can promote it on your social media account. Cross-promotion plays a big role in the music industry.

Bring Value

Bring value. Some brands use social media just for promotion, to make people buy their stuff. However, social media is a great place where you can engage in a conversation and bring some value. You can join Facebook groups for producers and see if you can help someone with their problem. People will appreciate your music more, knowing that you always give helpful tips to others. Besides, support from other professionals is important for the sense of self as a music producer.

Give  away freebies. It’s the most effective and proven method to grow your email list. Email lists are important to inform your fans about upcoming songs and projects. To grow it, give something free in exchange for an email. Thus you will attract even casual listeners and turn them into loyal fans.

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